Volume 8

Excursion: Curling On Friday, February 9th, AVA students went to the Curling Club in Green Bay to learn a new sport many of them had never experienced before. Students first…

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What is Community-Based Learning?

Community-based learning (CBL) is a powerful educational approach that bridges the gap between classroom learning and real-life experiences within the community. This pedagogical method revolves around engaging students in activities…

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The Benefits of Project-Based Learning

Algoma Venture Academy embraces a learning method called Project-Based Learning (PBL). Still considered new, PBL is a remarkable approach that transforms traditional education by placing students at the center of…

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Charter Schools, Explained

Charter schools have been a prominent component of the educational landscape, gaining substantial attention and recognition for their unique approach to schooling. Over the years, these institutions have seen a…

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“We are all different, which is great because we are all unique. Without diversity life would be very boring.”

      - Catherine Pulsifer