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The work leading up to the vision of creating a charter school in the Algoma School District started back in 2011 when a number of local manufacturers called for better skilled workers. The closest technical college to offer training for these jobs was more than 45 miles away. What’s more, graduates of Algoma High School were moving to other communities in search of more educational choices or employment opportunities with a plan of never returning. Algoma was experiencing a ‘brain drain’ (Karma Report, 2016). We needed to take action.

The superintendent of the School District of Algoma at the time, Nick Cochart, challenged the district to think differently; he partnered with local area manufacturing companies to develop a plan. They knew they needed to engage the youth, educate them, and provide opportunities. As a result, Wolf Tech Manufacturing was developed and co-located on the middle/high school campus. Through this program, students were trained on how to make products for companies in exchange for donated equipment that would facilitate the skills needed. In a few short months, these community partnerships showed tremendous success and raised the question,

“If we can accomplish this, what else can we accomplish together?”



Community excursions that build awareness of industries available in the community and show students opportunities available to them in Algoma.


Students take on community projects that tackle local issues (ex: Crescent Beach Crew, Bird City Group) getting young people engaged in the community and making an impact.


AVA students have opportunities to intern for local organizations and businesses.


AVA brings people from outside the school district into Algoma.


AVA provides opportunities to try different modalities and learning models that could be applied to the traditional school setting.


"Crossroads at Big Creek is thrilled to partner with Venture Academy. It's a pleasure to share our nature preserve and our mission with students who are so engaged and enthusiastic and curious. It's definitely a "feel-good" day when Venture Academy visits!'

Laurel Hauser - Executive Director of Crossroads at Big Creek.


"The Venture Academy's visit to The Ridges was not only a great way to get students outside, but also to teach them about a unique and fragile ecosystem. Students were able to help Ridges staff and volunteers with our Range Light Restoration Project, clearing necessary areas for native flowers to grow. In the short time the students were there, they were able to accomplish quite a bit! With their help, we were able to clear the upper half of the Range Light Corridor."

- Algoma Venture Academy Community Partners


"Ridges staff were excited to teach Venture Academy students about ecology, restoration, and possible careers in the environmental field. This field trip aligned with both organizations' missions and provided a meaningful fun experience for everyone. We're excited to have Venture Academy The Ridges again soon!"

- Algoma Venture Academy Community Partners


"Students at AVA are committed to learning outside of the classroom. They have no problem picking up a shovel, pushing a wheelbarrow, or trekking through an outdoor field trip in January…just as long as they can learn from it. They ask great questions, are respectful, work together, and show interest in your organization."

- Algoma Venture Academy Community Partners


"Our experience in partnering with the Algoma Venture Academy was both positive and rewarding. The students took initiative in developing an inclusive event that welcomed individuals from across multiple communities. Through collaboration and creativity, they were able to provide a unique and meaningful event for all in attendance. We gladly welcome the opportunity to further assist the Algoma Venture Academy in the development of future community events!"

- Algoma Venture Academy Community Partners


"If everyone is thinking alike, then someone isn't thinking."

      - George S. Patton